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"No one learns as much about a subject as one who is forced to teach it"

Gautam Buddha

The guru-shishya parampara is one of the most precious gifts of Indian civilisation to the world. Its footprints can be seen in all the spheres of life. The tradition symbolises a succession of teachers and disciples in traditional Vedic culture and religions such as Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Buddhism.

The role of the Guru or the Coach  has been paramount in India. A knowledgeable well informed coach can be the single largest factor in improving the fortunes of any sport. Our aim here is to provide the coaches with a platform to enhnce their knowledge, learn an be successful in producing world class swimmers. We appeal to parents as well allowing them to appreciate the nuances of the sport and understand what and more importantly why their their kid is going their kid is undergoing.

Founding Partners

The Concept

The Sports Authority of India and Glenmark Aquatic Foundation entered into a partnership in 2015 to colloborate at the Dr SPMSPC NCOE at Talkatora Delhi. A second centre at LNCPE Thiruvananthapuram was established in2021

While the center has produced some wonderful swimmers, both the parties felt it was necessary to work on broad basing the training approach and reach to coaches across the country. It is with this objective aided with a secondary objective of creating a community for stakeholders of the sport which has lead to the creation of swim.clinic



Language should never be a barrier to learn. Swim.clinic will start with Hindi and English and gradually add other Indian languages to enable Coaches to learn and interact in their language


Online Webinars , allowing coaches to learn at their own pace. Also allows coaches to see lessons multiple times. Offline clinics combined with Online material A hybrid Model is the way forward


A strong online community based platform enables in sharing of views, discussions and debates. This aspect will also be used for assignments and video discussions on topics


We aim to provide internships to top young coaches in India with experienced mentors. This will be in addition to online mentorhip which shall be ongoing

Who is this for


The Coaching Ecosystem

The coaching ecosystem namely the swim coaches and sports science specialists  have a place to learn via structured courses and interact enhancing knowledge,



A place for swimmers to learn, engage and interact with Coaches, International experts and find solutions to their issues. Webinars and interactions with global swimmers

Swim Parents

Swim Parents

Understand the philosophy of the sport.  Interact with parents via groups and forums. Special webinars to be conducted regularly which is geared towards the issues pertaining to swim parents.


The Industry

An opportunity to interact in a closed environment  with your consumers. Gather feedback, to spur innovation. Interact with other stakeholders  in the business.